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The contents of this website ( include, but are not limited to, newsletters, articles, presentations, guides, investment projects and information, meetings and event information and related information, by “MG Immigration Limited”, Members and partner organizations and third party content providers (collectively, “content providers”), for personal reference only. It is inappropriate for any decision that relies on the content of this website to make a related transaction or other business decision. The content on this website cannot be equated with investment advice, nor is it any form of professional (e.g. legal, tax) advice.

The content provider shall be responsible for the ownership, use or reproduction of the Content submitted to and published on the website of the “MG Immigration Limited” website and shall be liable and liable for the content provided by it. “MG Immigration Limited” shall not be liable for any infringement of any third party intellectual property in the content provided by the content provider.

Membership and partners and other third party content providers of this website and the contents or materials contained in this website or displayed on this website are not responsible for any information or opinions contained in this website, Nor does it represent its endorsement of the information or opinion.

The contents of this website are subject to change without notice. “MG Immigration Limited” or its third party content providers are not responsible for any errors and inaccuracies in the content, delays in the updating of the Content, or any action taken by it.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce or reproduce any of the contents of this website for the purpose of obtaining other interests.


Amendments to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the “Ordinance”) (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong)

(“MGI”) reminds you that our customers, for the safety and efficiency of business cooperation, it is necessary for your personal data (as defined in the Ordinance) and / or Your proof of identity is provided to us.

For your personal data, you have the following rights:
Have the right to inquire whether “MGI” has any personal information about you and has the right to access such information;
Have the right to require “MGI” to modify any information about your incorrect information;
We have the right to inquire about the relevant policies and regulations on the personal data and the maintenance information of the personal data.

You or your rights under this Ordinance Exercise an agent with any questions or questions regarding this announcement and may contact the “MGI” directly at 18 / F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms of use of this website are governed by the laws of Hong Kong and are interpreted in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. “MGI” and its clients irrevocably accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts to waive any right to object to legal proceedings or proceedings on the basis of the place of action or the inconvenience of bringing to the court a lawsuit or other reason.。

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