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MG Immigration Limited “MGI” was established and registered in Hong Kong as a professional consultant firm providing immigration related services. MGI has integrated by a team of very experienced consultants including the accountants, tax, immigration and education, and investment and insurance background. MGI is providing professionals consulting services for high-end customer immigration, visa to study abroad and advisory services. Our professionalism and sincere attitude is the key to help our customers to more effectively plan for their future, to spread the risk and manage the wealth for the next generation.


Our customer interest and wealth protection are always the top priority and core value in our services. Our wide range of immigration and financial planning advisory services has our commitment to our high-end customers. With high transparency and reasonable prices, our clients enjoy our forward-looking value-added advisory services and achieve various financial goals. We aim for becoming an international organization which are providing professional immigration and wealth management services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Target Groups:

  1. High Net worth individuals;

  2. Rich Families;

  3. Pre IPO sharholders;

  4. High income earner exposure in a risky business

  5. Complex family composition


  • Provide immigration consultancy services and overseas educational advisory

  • Assists in planning and sourcing for quality investment projects in relation to immigration

  • Design and source different financial instruments to achieve for asset allocations

  • Enhance the credibility and quality of life

*The associates of MGI is highly regarded and it is regulated by the local professional license, our clients are rest assured that our consultancy is the most professional and also in compliance with the local rules and regulations.


Reputable Strategic Partners

Our core member are mainly from Hong Kong registered accountant and can provide more professional advice and consultancy services. We have good reputation and leading edge in the market.

Security and confidentiality and independence
Arrange direct interview with customers to under the customer’s position, we will select the most appropriate organization or service provider to match with customers’ objectives. We always provide advice and financial arrangements for the best interests of our customers.

Competitive professional services

With years of expertise and experience, innovative and flexible arrangements, we have got our customer trust and support.

Fair price
Our effectiveness help our customer save time and money, save the extra cost.

About US

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